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Join One Way Ministries to support the Cure for Chrysee campaign. Chrysee lives in our community and is currently battling several forms of cancer. Due to her many health challenges, Chrysee is also receiving dialysis treatments. Although Chrysee has health insurance, her health costs are extraordinary. She and her family have depleted all savings and continue to have mounting health expenses.  Please consider supporting the Cure for Chrysee. All money raised will go directly to Chrysee’s health expenses. One Way Ministries is a 501-c3, non-profit entity and all gifts are tax deductible.  Donate by clicking the GIVE button at the top of the page and selecting to give to the Cure for Chrysee option.

Who is Chrysee

Chrysten Arielle Evans is a living miracle of God’s grace and love.  She is a testament to God’s power and the truthfulness of his word.  Her story is one of triumph in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Chrysten was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia (abnormal precancerous cells) during her college admission physical exam.  She was told that if she ever managed to become pregnant, she would likely have full blown cancer.  As young people do, she got married just prior to her college graduation.  One year after her marriage, Chrysten discovered that she was pregnant, then received the bombshell that she was pregnant with twins!  She never once hesitated when asked if she planned to continue her pregnancy, she wanted those babies and claimed them as her own even before they were born. This was over 7 ½ years ago.  It was a difficult pregnancy, and she was hospitalized for over a month toward the end of the pregnancy.  After an emergency C-section Chrysten was blessed with twins-Madelyne Carole Evans-Swanner and Colten Christopher Evans-Swanner.  They were 6 weeks premature, weighing only 5lbs 1 oz. and 3lbs 15oz. respectively.  Unfortunately, as predicted, shortly after their birth Chrysten discovered that she had uterine cancer.  This uterine cancer was a rapidly growing type that increased from the size of a dime to the size of a fifty cent piece in the span of a month.  Her blood counts spiraled out of control, making it unsafe for her to have a hysterectomy.  She struggled with many different treatments for two years without success.  Subsequent to her comprised immune system, she developed other illnesses and received a death sentence-small cell lung cancer.  Slightly over 90% of all women who receive this diagnosis are dead within a year.  Chrysten never quit fighting, holding on to her love for her children.  Her lung cancer progressed quickly; soon she was unable to walk even short distances without oxygen.  In the midst of all her suffering, Chrysten prayed and told God she accepted his will for her and trusted  him to take care of her.  She later shared with her mother that God spoke to her that night and assured her that she would see her children graduate from high school.  Chrysten never gave up fighting-even when her hands would turn blue from lack of oxygen and she could barely move she never quit.  Finally, she received notification from her insurance company that the long awaited previously denied stem cell therapy treatment was approved.  She called her mother to share the news.  The treatments were to start within the week.  Early the next morning, her mother received a call from Chrysten stating that she was in the hospital.  Chrysten informed her mother that she had gone into cardiac arrest due to her lack of oxygen.  Chrysten stated that she remembered getting to the ER, then lying on a stretcher, seeing scenes from her childhood with her brother, seeing her twins being born passed before her eyes.  Then she remembers nothing else.  When she was conscious again, she learned that she had been “shocked” 3 times before the resuscitation team was able to obtain a pulse again.  Her first stem cell treatment was delivered and administered that day.  Over the following months, she became a lung cancer survivor.  Over the following years, she developed many other forms of cancer (including pancreatic cancer, another lethal form of cancer) and received life -saving treatments through God’s grace and the generosity of her church, family, and friends.  She has never quit, rarely uttered a complaint, and has suffered the effects of 37 surgeries as of this date.  She has survived cancer, the death of her beloved brother Christopher, and the loss of her marriage, home, and career.    She and her family have expended all their financial resources in paying for her cancer treatments.  They believe and confess her ultimate total healing and wellness each day.  Chrysten and her family ask for your support in prayer and also any other gift you feel led to share to aid in her medical treatments.  May God bless everyone who reads her story and offers their support.