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The vision of One Way Ministries is multi-faceted. We believe that we are a part of the Body of Christ. Our vision is that all Christians will unite together to celebrate Jesus Christ; united, not divided. One Way Ministries is a place of worship, a house of praise, and a sanctuary to the broken. The worship of One Way Ministries will be electric with praise, as the power of God is displayed. The fivefold ministry gifts including teacher, prophet, evangelist, pastor and apostle are recognized and practiced.

We believe One Way Ministries is a place of healing. The Holy Spirit is given free reign in every service. Part of our vision is that every member Of One Way Ministries will realize and be empowered to use his/her gifts in service to God and others. As we are God’s hands and feet, the church will extend beyond the four walls into the community and beyond. It’s A God Thing is a part of the vision, as the walls of the church are extended and the good news of Jesus Christ is declared to the public both in word and deed.

Our mission:

  • Seek and save the lost.

  • Make disciples of all who are placed under our care.

  • Be a ministry that ministers unselfishly to persons in the community and the world in Jesus’ name.

  • Be a church whose purpose is to be Christ like in our daily living by emphasizing total commitment of life, personality, and possessions to the Lordship of Christ.

  • Provide an effective outreach to the children, youth and adults in our community.

  • Be a worshipping fellowship, experiencing an awareness of God, recognizing His Person and responding in obedience to His leadership.